Different Types Of Tigers

Tigers are the largest members of the cat family. They are charismatic and the most renowned predatory species on the planet. Some tiger species are endangered with numbers decreasing dramatically in the last century alone. Here are some of the types of tigers you should know.

Siberian (Amur) Tiger

It is the largest species of tigers with pale orange fur and brown stripes instead of black. They have white chests and bellies and a white ruff of fur in the neck area, This type of tiger is among the endangered species. They are often found in the Russian Far East but are being reared in conservation programs and zoos around the world to combat the decline.

Bengal Tiger

Often found in Bangladesh, Nepal, India and Bhutan, it is the largest tiger subspecies in the world. Bengal tigers have the regular colors there are some with a recessive gene that comes off as white or cream. There are some Bengal tigers without stripes too.

South China Tiger

It is one of the critically endangered tiger species since only about 47 tigers are currently found in 18 zoos around the world.

Malayan Tiger

They are found in subtropical and tropical forests of Malaysia. It is currently listed as endangered with only 600 to 800 of the species found in the wild.

Indo-Chinese Tiger

It is darker and smaller than the Bengal tiger but a bit larger compared to the Malayan tiger. This tiger is a bit narrow with short stripes. The main diet includes deer, cattle and wild pigs.

Other Tiger Species

Besides the species named above, others include Javan, Bali and Caspian tiger. Note that, there have been hybrids between other big cats and tigers such as lions but these are not considered to be subspecies so they are not counted on the list. These are the few types of tigers found around the world.